Synergy Massage at Tarragindi specialises in the treatment of chronic pain. Our treatments range from Finch Therapy – musculoskeletal realignment, Remedial Massage Therapy to Beautiful Relaxation Massage.


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A Relaxation Massage often known as Swedish Massage is a lovely, calming, time out for ‘ME’ massage. 

Swedish Massage is the perfect remedy for the overworked, overwhelmed and overstressed mind and body. Swedish Massage is exceptionally beneficial for increasing the level of oxygen in the blood, decreasing muscle toxins, improving circulation and flexibility while easing tension. 

The importance of relaxation and well-being can’t be underestimated and one of the most noted effects of massage is a greater feeling of calm and relaxation. It reduces both emotional and physical stress. The soothing, pampering benefits of massage encourage the release of endorphins, a natural chemical that give us the feel-good factor.  

It is a pain free way to relax both your muscles and your mind.

An immediate benefit of Swedish Massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm.


If you have muscle tension or chronic pain a Remedial Treatment may be for you ….


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Traditionally Remedial Massage will focus on the areas of the body that are in pain. Often the area of pain is a symptom of a dysfunction somewhere else in your body. What sets me apart from other Remedial Massage Therapist is that I am a Finch Therapist and through your appointment I will perform various assessments for you to find out the structural dysfunctions that are happening in your body. Functional dysfunctions are usually easily corrected with simple exercises. Correcting these dysfunctions puts your body at ease and will usually take your pain away. For example if you have pain in your shoulder and neck the pain is often coming from somewhere else in your body and this pain is a symptom and the cause is elsewhere.

If you would like traditional Remedial Massage I am happy to provide this for you but I highly recommend allowing me to perform various assessments to find out why you are experiencing pain. Most people like to have a mixture of Finch Therapy and Remedial Massage. The exercises are very simple and we do these in clinic and re-assess to make sure the correction has happened. You are then given the corrective exercises to do at home. You are given an instruction sheet on how to continue with the corrective exercises at home which will usually correct your muscle and skeletal dysfunctions thus easing your pain.

I also provide a treatment called Dry Needling. Dry needling uses acupuncture needles that are very fine filament needles. This treatment is not acupuncture but a treatment that concentrates on trigger points or very painful areas in the muscles – that ouch spot when pressed. Dry Needling is usually not a stand alone treatment and I would usually use Dry Needling only after we have corrected any dysfunctions that we have addressed at previous appointments and if there was any persistent painful areas.


Your treatment will be tailored for your muscle needs and may include – assessments, corrective exercises, dry needling and massage – the results are definitely worth it.


With Remedial Treatments you will be able to immediately begin to feel the positive, powerful changes to your muscles.


Synergy Massage at Tarragindi is a registered Health Fund Provider.
You can claim a rebate from your private health insurer on the spot through HiCaps.




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